Dharma Card for September, 2012


    It won’t go as I like;

   Even if you want it to go as you like,

   it won’t go as you want.

   If it were to go as you like,

   the full moon wouldn’t wane.

   Now I am enwrapped by Namuamidabutsu

   wholly as I am.

                            --- Myokonin Saichi Asahara


   Rev. Kyo Kusunoki, who was well versed with a number of

myokonin or unique Shin Buddhists, introduced the above poem

by Saichi. I am reminded of this poem when I am entrapped with some

trouble in everyday life. The point is the result of “as I like or want.”

   “If everything were to go as you like,” says Rev. Daiei Kaneko,

“there wouldn’t be any other person but you around in this world.” An ego-

centric being as I am, I might wish those whom I don’t like would vanish,

and eventually nobody would live around me.

    The Larger Sutra goes, “Stupid and callous people lack forethought,

and only wish to satisfy their own desires.”  They are surely deluded by

their passionate attachments, which rightly correspond to “as I like or


   When we want to do as we like, we should realize that it is a delusion of

our own passionate desire. However, we are in the light of Namuamidabutsu

that clarifies the delusion and saves us as we are.  And then naturally we

find ourselves saying the nembutsu in gratitude.