Dharma Card for July, 2012


    It is not that we have our sin purified

       by shinjin,

    but that we know our sin for the first time

       by shinjin.

                               ---Rev.Rijin Yasuda


   Here is a record of an announcer of a certain television

station interviewing with a condemned criminal.


Announcer: “What do you think you are most grateful for now?”

Criminal:   “The present time when I am allowed to live in spite

           of my doomed future.”

Announcer: “Whom do you want to see first?”

Criminal:   “I want to see the wife of the man I killed, and

           apologize to her with my head on the ground.”

Announcer: “If you happen to be reborn as a human, what

           kind of person would you want to be?”

Criminal:   “I don’t think a beast like me would be reborn

          as a human, but if it were possible, I would like to be

          born next time as a man with ears to hear the Dharma.”


  The criminal heard from the prison priest that the most sinful ones

receive  Amida Buddha’s  compassion, and so his stubborn

armor of ego that had sheltered his inner evil was melted away by His compassionate tears.


 “The person burdened with extreme evil should simply say the Name.”