Dharma Card for June, 2012


     When I say “Thank you,” most of such utterances

     are issued from favorable situations for me.

     I am ashamed of myself being within such limitation.

                         by Rev. Fusetsu Noda



       Recently I have noticed that many cars wait for me

    to go out of my parking spot if I put on the winkers.  They

    take the trouble of stopping in the main stream of the

    road.  Naturally I thank them and bow my head, but

    this deed of mine surely derives from my favorable


       On the contrary, when I wait in the main stream for

    a car that wants to go out of the parking spot, reminded of

    the last kindness, the car may just whiz away even

    without glancing at me as if it were their own right of

     the way. Instantly I feel offended by their unfavorable

deed, sticking to my petty generosity.

    After all, both “Thanks” and “Hang it” derive from

our own partiality to our shame, admonishes Noda Sensei.

He was such a self-reflecting person, but passed

away last spring leaving hundreds of Dharma remarks

such as

   “What I took for myself was all my Ego.” (Fusetsu)