Dharma Card for May


    I was born into this world

    Without having anything in hand;

    I will leave it for ever

    Without having anything in hand.

    This and that which I take as my own

    Are all what I have borrowed;

    I have nothing at all of my own.   

                                  ---Rev. Harumi Osa


        Henbit:  Photo by Isamu Tsugo



   Physically speaking, Rev. Osa is right.  It is really

foolish to stick to “myself” or “my own belongings”.  They

are all that I have borrowed and so I have to return.

   You may ask what will become of our lives then; what

will remain?  When we think of those who have passed away,

we remember various things they said and did.  Our words

and deeds have been facts; we cannot deny them. That is

what Buddhism calls ‘karma.’ We will surely die and go without

any physical things in hand, but we cannot deny our karma. 

Buddhist sutras tell that this karma is sure to draw us to good

or evil existences

   What karma have I accumulated so far?  What if I have

no other karma than evil?  What if Namuamidabutsu, the

Greatest Vow Power of Amida Buddha did not work to save

us beings of deep karmic sin?