Dharma Card for March, 2012


    My illness has made me aware

       for the first time

    How blue the sky is!

    How high the sky is!

    How large the sky is!

                          ---by Rev. Gen’yo Naomi



   Looking at these Dharma words on the

bulletin board, a middle-aged lady came into

his temple.

   “Is this poem composed by yourself?”

   “Yes.  I got the impression when I was

released from the hospitalization.”

   “Impressed by your sense, I would like to

ask for your advice.  As a matter of fact, I

am a pharmacist working in a hospital.

I was diagnosed as having a bad cancer and

my life will end in three months. I have arranged

my belongings and the like since then. However,

I cannot arrange my mind,” she said to

Rev. Naomi with a serious look.  Then, she

queried: “What was I born for?”

    He replied, “Shakyamuni Buddha preached that he

was born to reveal Amida Buddha’s Original Vow,

and Shinran Shonin stated that we were born to

hear the Original Vow.”

Even in her hospitalization, he visited her often and

she finally passed away.  Her will to her family was

“Everybody, please hear the Dharma before it’s too

late.”  She got it in time, to his relief!


     Think well in your life time,

     After your life, it will be a regret.

                      ---Myokonin Okaru of Mutsurejima