Dharma Card for February



   It is easy to wake up a sleeping person,

   but it is extremely hard to wake up a person

   who is asleep with his/her eyes open.



   It is said that fishes go to sleep all right with their

eyes open since they have no eyelids, and that

tunas sleep while swimming along, but are there

any people who are asleep with their eyes open?

   If I should say, “Aren’t you such a person?” you would

indignantly react, “Rubbish! I do see everything around

me all right with my eyes quite open!” 

However, the question is not about your outside world,

but whether you are perceiving the most important

matter for a human being. “Do you have the answer ready

to the question what you were born for as a human being?”

  T’an-luan declared, “People are so idly asleep for long

that they don’t even seek to get out of their deluded

state.” Rightly, it is very dangerous to walk around while

dreaming with your eyes open.

  “Am I really awakened?  Am I not dreaming a long

dream?”  There is nothing else for it but to hear the