Dharma Card for January



        Majestic Radiance of Amida Buddha

        Only to be beheld in wonder

        Spring coming to the foolish




     Humbly Welcoming the New Year

         On the morning of January 1,

             The 24th Year of Heisei

             The 2555th Year of Buddha

              (Southern Buddhist Calendar)


  Myokonin Saichi Asahara of Iwami Province (Shimane Pref.)

remarks in his poem:


      My darkness

      Illuminated by the light of Namuamidabutsu

      This light enables me

      To behold You Amida Buddha


 He means:  “My own foolishness is recognized only by the

Illumination of the Buddha’s light and this recognition simply

makes me look up at the Buddha’s Light all the more intently.”


  This year, too, I will be repeating foolish speech and behavior

under His majestic light.

  I would like you to guide me well.