Dharma Card for December, 2011


      “So far, for a hundred long years,

      Dear my Heart has been working

      Without stopping even a second,

      for me, to my inexplicable joy.

                                          ---a certain temple wife




On the occasion of the One Hundredth Birthday Celebration

for the old temple wife of a certain temple, the head temple

follower interviewed her asking how she felt about her age of

a century. Her answer was the above words.

  Last month, I asked our Sunday School children to calculate

how many times a human heart beats in his/her life. Suppose it

beats 60 times per a minute, then it beats 31,536,000 times in a year

they answered. It means that if one can live up to 100 years of age,

it will have beaten 3.1 billon and more times without a stop. All the

children exclaimed, “Can’t believe!”

  How conscious are we about this faithful worker in everyday

life?  How grateful are we for him?  Don’t we take our heart’s

beat for granted?  Do we remember thanking it even once, giving

it warm-hearted words?

  “It was for this heart’s sake that I have been able to live up to

this age. How indebted I am to it!  It is just like Amida called

‘Buddha of Uninterrupted Light.’  Namuamidabutsu,

Namuamidabutsu,” remarked the devout temple wife.