Dharma Card for September, 2011


      Other person’s wrong is easily seen, while

     One’s own wrong is hardly recognized.

                                            ---Ven. Renny


      In relation with my work, I often have to edit writings, and then

   I often find that I detect the wrong spelling or wording written by

   others very easily, but that my own mistakes are very often over-

   looked.  This trend comes from the fact that I am stuck in the idea

that my own thought and writing is always correct.

   People tend to have this kind of prejudice (ego-attachment).

Buddhism teaches that this attachment is the root of delusion.

We are awakened to this subconscious pit by the wisdom light of

the Buddha. When we hear the calling of “Namuamidabutsu” (“Be

awakened to your own attachment; Be saved by My compassion”),

we are aware of our own delusion and feel grateful for His salvation

from this plight.