Dharma Card for August, 2011


                        A child can be alone

                 when he or she is with someone.

                                      -              --Donald W. Winnicott






        You may happen to see a small child absorbed in playing, say,

on the sand beach, by him/her-self, but there must be someone like his

mother watching nearby. That is why the kid can be alone safely

without any anxiety, remarks an English psychiatrist Donald Woods

Winnicott.  He must have meant that one can be independent when one

is supported and guarded by someone close.

     Shinran says, “How joyous I am, my heart and mind being rooted in

the Buddha-ground of the universal vow,…”  He means that we can lead
our everyday life peacefully and complete our life serenely, simply
because we stand on the great earth of the Great Vow that always
watches and calls us to entrust ourselves to Him who is sure to save us
in whatever condition we may be.

    Shall we not look back from time to time to make sure that there is

the one who watches us all the time and say “Namuamidabutsu”?