Dharma Card for July



   Even if you want to live on,

       you have to die.

   Even if you want to die,

       you have to live.

   When you forget the life and death,

       your life becomes frivolous.

   When you are scared of the life and death,

       your life become depressed.

   When you look straight at the life and death,

       your life becomes brightened.


   (Photo by Isamu Tsugo



   While coaching the gymnastic club at a junior

high school, Mr. Tomihiro Hoshino had his neck bone

injured and lost the control of his body below the

shoulders, but he has been producing a lot of moving

pictures and poems with a writing brush in his mouth.

One of his poems goes like this.

     While I thought life is the most important,

     it was a torture for me to live.

     On the day when I learned there is something

     more important than life,

     it became a joy for me to live on.

   To live does not merely mean that your body is alive,

for that life will ultimately undergo aging, disease, and death.

Other than such a physical life, a person has a spiritual life which

is expected to leave this delusive realm for enlightenment; the

most important phase.  For those who have been awakened to

this truth, their life will be brightened; they will find it a joy to live.