Dharma Card for June



       The Name of Amida is the only path

         through which we can meet

the world of the Buddha.

        -                     ----Rev. Shizuka Miyagi




Helen Keller lost her hearing and eyesight at the age of
two due to a high fever, and was eventually confined in the
world without language. However, her tutor, Anne Sullivan,
convinced that if the girl learned even one word, it would be
the window the whole world would come through, educated
her very strictly. 

    One hot summer day, when Helen was trying to drink water
from the pump, Ms. Sullivan spelled WATER in her palm and it
led Helen to understand that everything has a name.  Helen’s
desire to know more words increased so much so that she
finally graduated college and became a famous lecturer.

    Namuamidabutsu is not a mere name of the Buddha, but the
‘pipe’ through which the world of the Buddha approaches us
and the Buddha’s life flows into ours.