Dharma Card for May



  Not knowing that the person in front of you

  Might be a Buddha in incarnation,

  How could you know the Pure Land?

                           ---by Uhei Takahashi


     Photo by Isamu Tsugo




“Finally I have attained shinjin,” said Masanao Maeda

to his senior Nembutsu person Uhei Takahashi. The latter

then retorted, “Your shinjin is just like a nap in the hell. Do

you worship your wife every day?” “What?” “If you cannot

worship your wife who has devoted herself to you just like

an Avalokitesvara (Bodhisattva of Compassion), you are not

qualified to hear the Dharma.…You should not take the

person in front of you just as an ordinary human being.

Our Parent Amida has disguised Himself as that person

simply for your sake, so receive His virtue in full appreciation.”

So saying, Takahashi went on to compose the above poem.

  It is a well-known story that Shinran personally worshipped

his wife Eshinni as the Bodhisattva of Compassion, while she

had a secret dream that he was also the same Bodhisattva.

They were the couple who worshipped each other as


  If we can worship the person before us as Buddha’s revelation,

what a super evolution of the nembutsu it must be!