Dharma Card for March, 2011


    During our long life there may occur a problem

    that we could not solve by any means

    however hard we might try.

    It is at that time that the true nembutsu

    will come out of our mouth.

                                           by Mitsuo Aida



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    Photo by Isamu Tsugo




    We all remember how the whole world heartily cheered over

   that miraculous rescue of those 33 miners who had been

   entrapped underground for 69 days in Chile. It was reported

that the factors of the success were the unity of the miners

under the command of the leader, the generous support from

the Government, and  the technical aids from various countries,

plus another important reason---the mental stability of the people

by religion.  They could read the Bible and pray every day there.

     When pressed in difficulty, people truly need religion.


A similar story is told in Shan-tao’s parable White Path

and Two Rivers.

A traveler suddenly comes upon a big river of water

and a river of fire (in one channel) blocking his way, and

moreover he sees bands of brigands and wild beasts chasing

him from behind.  He is surely in a desperate situation.

“If I turn back now, I die; if I remain, I die; if I go forward, I die,”

he utters, when he hears Shakyamuni Buddha call “You go,”

and Amida Buddha invite saying “Come right away.”  So he

decidedly follows the white path of the nembutsu (that is,

he leads a nembutsu life) and reaches the west bank to

be saved finally.


  The above sayings seem to tell us that in order for the nembutsu

come true to us, we should hear the Dharma earnestly at each time

thinking that there is no time left for us at present.