New Year’s Dharma Card, 2011


   (Soshi Onki               Shinran’s 750th Anniversary

   Mono no Mi to naru     May everybody be fruitful

   Toshi nareya)             This very year

     ---by Guseki


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   A Happy New Year

           On the morning of January 1,

           The 23rd Year of Heisei

           The 2554th Year of Buddha

            (Southern Buddhist Calendar)


   This is the year of Shinran Shonin’s 750th anniversary.

He noted his wasan saying “Kanarazu mono no mi to naru”

(Amida Buddha works on us so that our life will be fruitful

without fail.)

   What will be your “fruit” may depend on your thought,

but Shinran Shonin teaches “Believe in Amida Buddha’s

Original Vow and say the nembutsu, and you are to become

a Buddha; therefore Becoming a Buddha should be your


   Let us hope that this year will be truly “fruitful” for each

of us.