Dharma Card for December, 2010


   Say the nembutsu!

   This is the essence of the Original Vow of Amida Buddha;

   Within it are all His provisions made to save you.

   To believe in this is to “rely on Him”.

                                                  ---by Rev. Josen




    Some sixty years ago or so when I was a high school boy,

the Ho’onko (Thanksgiving) services were being held in my

temple.  An over-ninety-year-old temple follower named

Kayoemon from the neighboring village attended the occasion

in the evening and called me to sit and write down what he

would utter with a brush and black ink. “This is what I learned

from your great grandfather as a Dharma phrase for shinjin,” he

revealed and dictated the above.

   An ancestor of mine as he was, his phrase is well said, I think.

   “Believe in Amida’s true mind to save you and say the nembutsu,

and you will surely be born in the Pure Land to become a Buddha.”

This is the core of the Original Vow, and so all the power and
functions to save us are completely realized in the Vow and
Nembutsu.  All we have to do is deeply hear and believe in His
great Wisdom and Compassion
 on us, and entrust ourselves to
Him. This is what Ven. Rennyo meant, Josen seems to have
interpreted, when he would often say “Rely on Amida Buddha.”   

Let us obediently follow his call, “Say the nembutsu!”