Dharma Card for November]


Children are scolded by adults,

Adults scold children, but

adults are not scolded.

Isn’t there anybody in the world

who scolds adults?

Do adults do only good every day?.

             ----by Masayoshi Kikuchi, 5th grade.




  In the Tang monastery in China, there lived a famous poet

and high officer named Pai Lo-tien, who was interested in

Buddhism, especially in Zen.  One day when he met Monk Tao-lin

who was practicing Zen in the tree, he asked him, “What is the

true spirit of Buddhism?”  “Don’t do anything wrong, but practice

all good and purify your mind. This is what all Buddhas teach,”

remarked Tao-lin. “Such is known even by a three-year old kid,”

replied Pai. but at the monk’s retort “Yes, even a three-year old

kid knows it, but even a 80-year-old person cannot really practice

it,” Pai admitted his ignorance.

   Asked by children “Do you do only good?”, adults are at a

loss for an answer.  Though we may seem to tell good from evil,

to practice only good is really difficult. Only when we come to realize

this deplorable fact in ourselves, we can appreciate the nembutsu.