Dharma Card for October, 2010

    “Real” (Jitsu) means that things will unfailingly

     reach fruition.

                                  ---Shinran’s note on his Wasan


   At this season of harvest, persimmon and chestnut

trees, etc. are literally bearing their fruits and nuts.


   Shinran Shonin noted in his wasan as follows:


      “The light of wisdom exceeds all measure,

        And every finite living being

Receives this illumination that is like the dawn,

       So take refuge in Amida, the true and real light.”

        (*true and real: True means free of falsehood and flattery.

             Real means that things will unfailingly reach fruition.)


      Born in the human realm, we would like to bring our life

  to fruition. We don’t want to let it end fruitlessly.  Amida
Buddha or the True and Real Light is the one who singly
does his best to make our life fruitful.  Only by encountering
His True and Real Light can our life bear fruit in the form of
us becoming a Buddha.  We will be able to attain what we were
born for.

    All we have to do is hear Dharma and entrust ourselves
to Him.