Dharma Card for August, 2010


  When you have come to say the nembutsu

  through experiencing the loss of your kin

  or friend, the deceased becomes a Buddha.

                                       by Rev. Shizuka Miyagi




 It is popularly said that when a person dies, he or

she will become a Buddha, but since Shinran says in

his letter that birth into the Pure Land is anything but the

calculation or design of us foolish beings, and that

entrusting yourself and all with the Buddha’s Original

Vow is the Other Power way, it is within His power

whether the person is born there and becomes a Buddha.

It is beyond our foolish beings’ meddling or judgment.

  The question is how you take your loved one’s death.

As you gaze at the quiet dead body, his or her whole life

and relations with you will be recalled in your memory like

a revolving lantern.  He or she must have had their own

hardships in life, you think.  Each body is quietly revealing

what he or she has undergone in life.

  Some people may have sought for the Dharma deeply, and

others may have had little to do with Buddhism. There are various

people. It is only when you have found yourself saying the nembutsu

through their death that they are respected as a Buddha who guides

you to Buddhism.