Dharma Card for June



   Some day when I have had enough money,

      Sometime when I have built a house,

      Some day when I have raised my children,

      Sometime when I have settled this lot of work,

      Some day when I can find enough time,


          Some day….


       While I am repeating these excuses for postponement,

       Nothing will have been achieved;

       The curtain will fall on my fruitless life stage,

       And the lonely tombstone will stand on my head.

          Some day, sometime

          “When the sun has set;

            We cannot go back

on the road we have taken.”

                                               ---by Mitsuo Aida


       This is not a matter for others; our only life is sure to come to

    a “sunset.”  I hate to end my life in vain.  I surely want to fulfill

    the purpose of my life here; I truly desire to hear the way to  

    become a Buddha.

        Let’s stake our life on this wish now, without adding “sometime.”