Dharma Card for May



 My life, which would be easily blown off

 to perish, owes its existence to the whole

universe, from heaven to earth.

                                 ---by Dr. Hideo Yonezawa


The earth we live in is about

150,000,000 kilometers away

from the sun, which distance

is lucky enough to keep the

surface at 9 degrees C on the

average, a suitable temperature

for life existence. 

  Venus, however, which is nearer

to the sun, is as hot as 463 degrees

C on the surface, and Mars, farther

from the sun than the earth is, as

cold as minus 63 degrees C;

either temperature exceeds the limit of life existence.

   As you know, the earth revolves around the sun

together with the other planets like Mercury, Venus,

…., and Neptune, but the happy location of the earth

that enables us to live depends on the stable and balanced

network of gravitation between the planets and the sun. 

   Moreover, our solar system is also supported by the

balance of gravitation with the other suns in the galactic

systems, and all these interrelations enable us to live

on the earth.

   Seen in this light, it is clear that the whole universe

is united to allow us humans and other lives to exist on

this adequately warm earth.

   Hence the gratitude with Gassho (hands pressing for

thanks) in the realization that I am not living on my own,

but by the other powers in the whole universe.

   “Sensing some great power” is the core of religion.