Dharma Card for April, 2010


       Spring sun shining evenly

          on everything in the Dharma garden;

       Short and long are the branches

          that bear their own blossoms.

                  --Adapted from Kiankokugo (Zen Article)




    The fields and mountains are joyfully revived by the

“breath” of spring. The spring sun is shining as a blessing

evenly on all things on earth, without discriminating high

trees from low ones. This equal benevolence is enjoyed by

them and emerges as various blossoms and flowers, say,

of plum, peach, cherry trees, etc. The branches bearing

such ornaments vary from each other; some short and

some long; and still they all live a lively life in spite of their

differences.  This is the natural way.

   Our body is said to be composed of six trillion cells,

which form numerous tissues and organs and function

as divided systems like digestive and respiratory ones.

And yet each system delicately relates with others and

preserves harmony to sustain our lives. Each part of

our body does its utmost separately and plays an equal

role to maintain our lives.

   Amida Buddha works equally on various and numberless

beings to save them.  Let us enjoy this even compassion

in our own distinct positions and accomplish our ultimate

purpose of human life.