Dharma Card for February



     Even while you have forgotten Him,

    there exists your parent-like Buddha

  who never forgets you.

                               from Dharma Bulletin



   During the busy time towards the last year end,

I was struck by an unusual wonder and joy. I received

a calendar as is shown above from Ms. M.P. , an

American teacher who had stayed in my temple for more

than a week last July. What a funny cover with a funny

photo of geta clogs!?  What a funny calendar title with

the personal name of “Fujieda”!? Turning the pages on,

I was surprised to find every month having a nice photo

of my temple and family taken from artistic angles---some

revealing wonderful “frames” of the temple garden and

some showing the backs of the family members. It was

certainly the “Fujieda Calendar”.

   As a matter of fact, after her return to America, I had

never heard from her, so I felt something strange about

the American way in comparison with the Japanese who usually

express thanks in some way on such an occasion. However,

she had retained her heart-felt memories in her mind for six

months and intently produced this special calendar.  What

an expression of mindfulness! I had almost forgotten about

her, though.

   In reflection, our parent-like Buddha is always wishing and

calling to us to rely on Him.  Why not really be mindful of

this Vow and say the nembutsu?