Dharma Card for January



      His Light is like a cloud;

      It has no hindrances

      Like open sky.

                ---Shinran’s note to his hymn



      Greetings for the New Year

                2010 (Western Calendar)

                2553 (Buddhist Calendar)

                22nd of Heisei (Japanese Calendar)


      The above is Shinran Shonin’s left-side note

     in kana to his hymn starting with “The cloud of

     light is unhindered, like open sky” (the sixth of

     the Hymns of the Pure Land). Amida Buddha’s

     light is not hindered even by any evil passions or

     karma, but breaks through their darkness with

wisdom and finally saves them with compassion.

     When you are illuminated by the light, all such

hindrances (“sawari”) of yours as “mezawari”

(hindrances to your eye or eyesores), “mimizawari”

(hindrances to your ear or ear grating), “kizawari”

 (hindrances to your mind or offences), etc. will be

clearly shown up.  Moreover, you will be taught by the

Unhindered Light that such hindrances originate from

your own sentiment against what opposes you and

that the problem is rooted on your own side.

     Professor emeritus Masahiro Mori of Tokyo Institute

of Technology has a unique opinion that you can succeed

thanks to what opposes you as you can transmit electricity

thanks to insulators that do not conduct it, or that oppose it,

so to speak.

    When the cause of your hindrances is revealed like this, your

sticky mood will be solved naturally.  Such is the unconceivable

power of the Unhindered Light.