Dharma Card for December

To call your name

is to love you

To call your name

is from the deep wish

---Adapted from Rev. Seison Nakagawa’s essay.


A prefectural school inspector visited an elementary

school in the mountain area and went around the classrooms.

The moment he stepped into a third grade classroom, he was

surprised to see all the classmates’ faces shining so bright with

lively vigor.

“What is your secret?” he asked the teacher in charge.

“I am the youngest of all the teaching staff of this school,”

she answered. “I am the least experienced and skilled, so I

always feel sorry for the children. To compensate for it, I just

determined to call every child’s name and talk to them at least

once a day. To call them with love like their mother is all that

I can do.”

Yes. By her calling their names, the school children became

revived, feeling sure of her recognition and love for them. Certainly

name calling initiates love and trust.

Yes, we are also being called by Amida Buddha now:

“O traveler, with mind that is single, with right-mindedness,

come at once!” We are called, “Namuamidabutsu!”

---Adapted from the Osho no Suzuribko 440.