Dharma Card for October


   “Let’s take a roundabout way and

   go home,” you said?

   Good.  Be sure to come home

   even after taking a detour.



So bright is the moon,

  why not take a roundabout way

  for home…? goes a song. Perhaps

it is a pleasant evening in the fall when a friendly

couple are tacitly taking a roundabout way home

to continue their happy talk as long as possible,

enjoying the lemon-like taste of adolescence.

  Human life is the same. When you are absorbed

in happiness or engaged in business, your world is

expanding and you are going the long way round

far away from the original point or the basis of

your life. It cannot be helped as a natural tendency.

  The problem arises after that detour or big activities;

“Do you have the home, the place of repose at all where you

are to return?”

  If you are on the roundabout way in life now, where are you

heading for finally?


  Drawn by the Buddha, we return effortlessly to

  naturalness (jinen): Jinen is itself the land of Amida.