Dharma Card for August, 2009


       Money is what you save up and leave behind;

       Karmic sin is what you commit and carry with you;

       Dharma is what you do not hear, and so you fall.

                                           ---from Dharma Bulletin



    In the Himotoki-no-gosho (New Year’s Message) written

by Ven. Enjun, the 17th Chief Abbot of the Shin Buddhist Takada

Sect, a remarkable sentence goes: ”How fearful the unseen

witness by the Kusho (gods) is!”  Kusho are a couple of gods

in ancient India who start to register your good and bad deeds

from your birth while sitting on your shoulders. The male named

Domyo (Same Name), sitting on your left shoulder, records all

good deeds done by you, and the female god Dosho (Same

Life),  on your right shoulder, makes notes of all evil deeds in

your life.  When you are taken in front of Yama, King of Hell,

the pair of  gods show your life records to him and

he judges you.

    If our daily life is being so closely watched and so minutely

registered by unseen gods, it surely is a serious problem.  We

are naturally induced to take a peep into our own register book.

    In Buddhism an accumulation of such deeds is called karma

and if we are pulled by evil karma, we are said to go to Hell.

According to Shinran Shonin, we will be born in the Pure Land

of Light and become a Buddha by our karmic-consciousness

of shinjin (faith) as the inner cause*.  Here he implies that

shinjin (faith) will be imbued into our karmic soul.

   Now it must be self-evident how important it is to hear Dharma.

       (*Note: Shinran mentions the Name and  Light of Amida Buddha

as the outer cause of one’s birth.  When the inner and

outer causes emerge, one realizes the true body in the

fulfilled land.)