Dharma Card for July, 2009

       Shrinking and wriggling itself,

      a caterpillar is coming on;

      We are leaves,

      How can we escape?

              by a Canadian fifth grader

              (Quoted from Oriori-no-Uta)


      This boy has a sharp observant eye,

    doesn’t he?  He finds himself as a leaf

    and is staring at the caterpillar that is

    nibbling its way towards him.

       Don’t you feel something serious at

    this poem?  Isn’t a caterpillar approaching

    us, from which we can’t escape?

       Yes, there are a caterpillar called Aging,

    another called Illness, and still another called

    Death, all coming nearer and nearer very quietly.

       A lady composed a haiku:    

         “Silently coming along every second

my own aging.”

    She rightly witnessed that caterpillar.

       “Why such a gloomy topic?” someone may say.

 "Why not try to live a sunny-side life cheerfully, this

one-time life?”

  Yes, we do wish to do so, but

the caterpillars are coming along without fail.

   We should be determined then; we should proceed

to hear the Dharma, if we are wise enough.