Dharma Card for June, 2009


    Desire to believe in the Buddha

    lies at the bottom of everyone’s mind.

                           ---from Dharma Bulletin 


   Here is a poem by a girl of ninth grade.


  “Sometimes I think by chance:

    ‘Shall I commit suicide?’

   Sometimes I think by chance:

    ‘Shall I steal from someone?’

   Sometimes I think by chance:

     ‘I wish that person would perish.’

   Does anybody happen to bear

     this kind of thought?”   

         from Crying Kids and Grumbling Kids


   People tend to think and worry in many ways as they

  meet with various circumstances. Especially the problems

  arising from human relationships may be cumbersome and

those concerning one’s own life can be serious indeed.

 “I wish to solve this problem and be saved.  What

  might Buddhism teach me?  I feel like hearing Dharma

  words, but…,” they may think.

  At the bottom of such people’s mind certainly is the

desire to seek salvation from the Buddha, but they only

lack a clue to step out for Dharma-hearing.

  Shall we not help them with an invitational call to Buddhism?

The Bookmarks for Dharma-Hearing* is intended for this purpose.

     (*Refe to http://ryokeiji.net/english/05/06.html)