Dharma Card for May, 2009

  Toy windmill,
   Do you think you are whirling
   by yourself?

   ---from Senryu Column

Well said! It is rooted in the Buddhist principle,
the thought of Dependent Origination. In Japanese
it is called “Engi," meaning that every being
cannot exist by itself, but as a result of intertwined
causes and bi-causes.
Your life comes from your parents and is nourished
and supported by innumerable other lives such as rice,
wheat, vegetables, fish, meat and so on.
You may think your knowledge is of your own power,
but it derives from your family, friends, teachers, books,
newspapers, and many other information sauces. You may
be sure of your thinking power, but it is greatly dependent
on the DNA from your parents and ancestors.
Thus it can be said that nothing exists on its own power.
We are all helped to live and act thanks to other things
and beings, which may be unseen. Without realizing this,
if you think you are moving by your own power, it is like
the windmill that is not aware of the wind.
Let’s say the Nembutsu, realizing the Other Power.