Dharma Card for April, 2009

     That man values rationalism is one thing,


     whether man is a rational being is quite another.

                            ---Dr. Hideki Yukawa                           


    ♪Just a sip is the first try,

            ending in a pub crawl unwittingly----;

            I know, I know, but I simply cant

            give it up.

        Is it all right for me to sing this kind of slovenly song

(Sudara Bushi) ? asked Mr. Hitoshi Ueki of his father,

a Shin temple priest. Why not? answered the priest. As

far as human beings live on, this sort of I know, I know,

but I simply cant give it up life wouldnt be rooted out.

This idea is related to Shinrans teaching. Well said!

Cheer up!

   Rationalism is your heads work, but it cannot control

your various strong emotions that arise in your bosom,

nor your uprising desires or will that is said to be settled

in your belly. Your head tries to go rationally, but your

body or way of life would not go that way so easily.  Nay,

perhaps emotions and volition will try to utilize the head,

rationalism, for their own fulfillment.

   This state is what Shinran calls a foolish being full of

blind passions, and hence Amidas Primal Vow shines
on us.