Dharma Card for February

      Oh, those matters of this saha world,

      What could we do with them?

      Why not recite the Nembutsu?

                       ---Rev. Jun’en Kameyama


    During the year-end and new year

time, a couple of my relatives and friendly

acquaintances passed away to my grief still now.

      On such an occasion, my uncle Jun’en’s words

ring in my ear; he used to say so with his local


   “Bereavement by the beloved, meeting with those hated,

seeing one’s own aging proceed, having to visit hospitals,

putting up with the economic depression--- these take place

because we are in this saha world.  The Sanskrit “saha” means

the world where we have to endure, you know.  Could any

human knowledge solve those problems thoroughly?

  We cannot but endure those sufferings.  What can we

do otherwise?  Hence the Nembutsu.  It is the power and

wisdom that enables us to accept those sufferings. Why not

recite the Nembutsu together?  Namu…, Namu…”

   As a youth, I used to reject his idea of escapist Nembutsu,

but now his words ring true to my heart.