Dharma Card for January, 2009

      Dharma-body’s wheel of light is without bound,

     Shining on the blind and ignorant of the world.

                               ---Hymn of the Pure Land


A Happy New Year

     21st Year of Heisei (2009)

     2552 BE

“Human life is a mountain of treasures, but in the darkness

you will only stumble on the treasures.”  This Dharma phrase

once impressed me very much.

   Miraculously we were born as humans, so isn’t it a true

treasure in life to make the most of our precious lives, realizing

what we were born for?

   To find the treasure, we need the forerunners’ guide or light.

If we try to find the treasure with our own finite thought or under-

standing alone, we will only trip over it.  What we hate or take

as a nuisance might be nothing but a treasure. 

   “Getting into the treasure mountain and coming back with an

empty hand” is a folly, indeed, to be regretted.

   Why not make this a year of Dharma hearing and Light seeking?