Dharma Card for December, 2008

       Even if the whole world is on fire,

      be sure to pass through it to hear the Dharma



 (The below is a scene from the TV program where the

  announcer interviewed a certain prisoner

condemned to death for murder and burglary,

adapted from Rev. Seiyu Yamori’s serson.)

Announcer: What do you feel the most grateful for?

Prisoner: For the great power that lets me live while

          my life is being at stake.

Announcer: Whom do you want to see most now?

Prisoner: I would like to see the victim’s wife and

          express my apology from the bottom of my

          heart before I am executed.

Announcer: If you are to be born again as a man,

          what kind of man do you want to be?

Prisoner: I don’t think such a brutal man as me would

be able to get a human life again, but if it

were possible, I would wish to be born with

an ear to listen to the Buddhist Dharma.


   “May the world be peaceful and may the Buddhist Dharma

 spread” was Shinran shonin’s sincere wish. Let us hear the

Dharma ourselves first, and then participate in the campaign

to propagate the Dharma.