Dharma Card for November


    I am not necessarily a wise man;

    He is not always an unwise man;

    We are all just ordinary people

having evil passions.

         ---Prince Shotoku’s




There lived a couple of elderly sisters. 

When they met on the occasion of their

parent’s memorial service, the elder sister

complained, “I am not happy as my family

always has problems.” Then the younger said, “It may

be so because you are a good person.  I am a bad

woman, so my family is living happily.”  “How strange?

Why is a good person’s family unhappy?”  “Well, as you

think you are right and that the other is wrong, there will

arise a conflict.  As for me, I am convinced that I am a

sinful and evil woman, so I cannot judge or criticize others.

That may be why my family has no domestic trouble. All

this comes from the nembutsu, I believe,” said the younger

sister softly.

   Shinran Shonin is said to have stated all the time:

“I know nothing at all of good or evil.  For I cannot know

that an act is good or evil as thoroughly as Amida Tathagata

knows.  I am a mere foolish being full of blind passions.”

   He especially revered Prince Shotoku who declared that

all of us are just ordinary people having evil passions.