Dharma Card for October, 2008


The agony that arises at this moment

is nothing but the royal command of

the Great Compassion of the Buddha.

---Rev. Ryojin Soga




Nobody can go across the ocean of worldly life without

persistence or attachment. But Takuboku Ishikawa confesses

in his tanka poem:


How sad it is!

My insatiable self-seeking

has overwhelmed me as a man.


Once you awaken to how strong your persistence is, you will be

visited by the sadness over yourself. You will then try to escape

from the persistence in vain, and at this moment your agony starts and

you suffer.

Rev. Soga went through that kind of agony and awakened to the

truth that this agony is nothing but the Tathagata’s royal command:

“Come to me, your parent who saves you in agony”, that is “Namu-


There must be other kinds of agony in life such as come from love

and hatred, fear of disease and death, monetary failure, etc. What

obstructs your desires can be the cause of your agony.

Agony is the greatest chance to meet the Tathagata.

Agony is the best timing to listen to the Dharma