Dharma Card for August


        Visit fulfilled

to the grave at my native place

Mind in peace




    In the Obon season everybody pays a visit to the graves

of their ancestors and it seems to represent a natural sentiment

of the Japanese people and others.  Especially this kind of

reminiscence of one’s ancestors tends to be intensified as one

gets older.

    My late mom visited her ancestors’ grave every summer

without fail as expressed in her haiku:

    All the more

    significant is a grave visit

    as age gets higher.

It conveys her gratitude of being able to come to the place this

year again and her faint anxiety and resolution for the next year.

    Anyway it is a great thing to have one’s native place to visit.

Late in life Shakyamuni Buddha had the tragedy of his native place

Kapilavastu being destroyed by his relative King Vidudabha.  What

a defiled world!  It could not be saved but by the great compassion

of Amida Buddha, so he decided to preach the Amida Sutra. The Pure

Land expressed there must be the native place for all beings to

return to.

     Awaked to recite

     the Nembutsu

     fresh morn air    


    We are going to observe the first Obon service for her with