Dharma Card for May, 2008


  You are just feeling sad about yourself, aren’t you?

  There is a way of life in pitying such a self as yours.

                    from One Gem Remark That I Encountered



  “This is a remark that my doctor gave me when I was depressed

and almost gave up hope for life as I was destined for artificial

dialysis due to my chronic kidney failure,” says Ms. Nobuko Nakagen.

Thanks to his insight, she was able to turn from the state of just bewailing

her disease to the awakening to the great being that always sheds compassion

on her.

  Once in India, Queen Vaidehi was feeling sad about herself when her only

son rebelled against her husband King Bimbisara and imprisoned her, too.  She

complained to Shakyamuni Buddha asking why she had borne such an evil child

and what sin she had committed in her past.  The Buddha led her to see the light

of Amida Buddha that was shedding eternal compassion on her and she was


  “In tears resides a Buddha that pities tears

   His name is Dharmakara.”

                            by Muso Kimura