Dharma Card for April                    


         Namuamidabutsu is a compass

         pointing to the west all the time

         The recitation itself turns west



                         by  Muso Kimura

                           (from A Collection of

Nembutsu Poems)



       Muso-san, who wrote this kind of deep poem of Nembutsu,

     spent his last ten years at an old people’s home Taishien and then

Wajoen, in Uryu, Echizen City.  From his youth he sought for enlightenment

in Buddhism and studied Shingon and then Shin Buddhism, going from one

to the other and back three times, but at his age of 53 he eventually settled down  

with the Nembutsu that is endowed by Amida Buddha within his

passion-rooted self as he expressed in a poem

   “Since I heard His Name

    since I met His Name

    my path has been opened

    my path has been opened.”

Besides his life voyage being well directed to the west, he devoted his time

in Echizen to the propagation of Nembutsu faith to a good number of

Shin faith seekers, from professors to local old women.   Finally he passed   

away to the West in 1984.   

On April 6, the 25th anniversary service of his death will be held at Joguji

Temple by Wajoen and Mr. Toshiro Kanamitsu, an ex-director of NHK, will

deliver a speech about him and Muso-san’s voice will be revived on CD.  

Participation will be welcome.