Dharma Card for March, 2008


      Light is a function that locates everything

           in its proper place where it ought to be.

                                    ---by Rev. Shizuka Miyagi


         ”M-chan, don’t be so rude, please!” 

“None of your business!”  M repels. “I’ll do as

      I like!”  Thus, the classroom was in turmoil, but the teacher

was silent.

The students were displeased at his indulgence and brought in written     

protests to the class monitor.

The class assembly was held and many students rebuked M, so

the teacher asked M softly if he had anything to say in his defense.

However, M kept silent. Then the teacher told him to write out what

he had to say at home.

The next morning he handed in a scribbled paper. “In my babyhood

I was slow in leaving the diaper, so at the nursery school I was bullied

as a ‘stinker.’  I came to hate to go out and became pale. Then I was

bullied as a ‘white pig.’ And in this class, too, the bullying goes on…”

The teacher copied the paper and distributed it to the class, and they

realized for the first time that they had cornered M unknowingly. Some

of them apologized to M with tears in their eyes and M also was moved

to tears and apologized to the class for his wildness.  This incident  

actually brought the class back to order.

(This is a real story told by Rev. Yoshio Toi.)

   Well, what do you think was the Light in this case?