Dharma Card for December


Those who are to die

do not have to be prepared for it;

Prepared is the Pure Land for those

who end without determination, isn’t it?.

---by Rev. Gan’ei Ohgi


Mr. A: I’m stuck, Go’inju-san (Pastor). The doctor told me that

I have cancer; it’s spread here and there!

Jushoku (Priest): Did he? Why you look so well.

Mr. A: I have made up my mind, though. I have heard so well

that we must accept the sufferings of birth, aging, illness,

and death.

Bomori (Temple Wife): In this modern age there must be good

medicine around, so I hope you will get well. Cheer up!

Mr. A: (Smiling) Will I? Well, I don’t want to die, to tell you the


Jushoku: That’s natural; we can’t blame you. Look, here (above) is the

remark by Reverend Ohgi. Even if you are not prepared to die,

Amida Buddha understands it wholly. Tannisho goes, “At the

moment our karmic bonds to this Saha world run out and helplessly

we die, we nembutsu persons will go to that land.”

Mr. A: How deep His Compassion is!