Dharma Card for October


        People are distressed rather by their excessive expectations

from others

        than by their insatiable desire for material gains.

                      ---Rev. Shunsho Terakawa


Buddhism teaches eight pains; the pain accompanying one’s birth, that of getting old,

that of illness, that of death, that of separating from those one loves, that of meeting

those one hates, that of not getting what one seeks, and the pain accompanying the

growth of one’s mind and body.

   In the seventh pain, what one seeks may be a material gain like a deluxe car or

brilliant gem, but when it involves human relations like success in an entrance exam,

happy marriage, peace in a family, or smooth associations with relatives, friends,

and neighbors, it may turn out to be rather difficult to attain.

   The reason for that is, Rev. Terakawa says, that you expect too much from

others.  Convincingly, it often happens in our daily life that we strongly expect

others to do this and not to do that, while we are entirely unaware of our own

proper attitudes and duties.

   The nembutsu awakens us to that fact.