Dharma Card for September

      It is not that one thanks because one is happy

      but that being able to thank is happiness.

                                        (from Koto no Ha)


The Dharma Card for July on “a matter of course” saw a number

of responses like “I’d like to share this verse with my children and

grandchildren.”  Having no disabilities, being healthy, having no home

disputes, etc.---these are not matters of course.  If we realize this

happiness, we will naturally feel thankful.

   However, even if you should lack one of these conditions of happiness

such as a business failure, hospital involvements, or conflicts with others,

you might as well be able to thank; that would be a case of supreme happiness.

   Okaru of Mutsurejima (six-chained isles) used to be an unyielding woman,

 but after marriage, she devoted to her husband.  However, when he had

an affair with another woman, she was upset and moaned in agony with  jealousy. 

This happened to lead her to listen to the Dharma at the temple on the island and

finally she mastered the Nembutsu so deeply that she was later called a Myokonin

or Lotus Person.

   “I got, I got,

   great wisdom, I got;

   wisdom that changes

   complaints to thankfulness.”

This is her verse.  She felt deep gratitude for the great compassion of Amida

Buddha who always understands her, in grief or joy, and accepts her warmly

and securely.