Dharma Card for August


    The Tathagata of Light that Surpasses the Sun and Moon      

Taught me the nembutsu-samadhi.

    The Tathagatas of the ten quarters compassionately regard      

Each sentient being as their only child.

                    (Shinrans Hymn of the Pure Land)


   I never can forget about my son who was killed in the accident.

What should I do? asked a mother of Rev. Ganei Ohgi.  He replied,

You are the mother.  Why not continue to think about him for ever and ever? 

But just keep this in mind.  While you are thinking of him, your son in the Pure

Land is also thinking of you.  This remark, he writes, revived the mother and

led her to hear Dharma.

   Certainly your thought towards the deceased one will be boundless, but

at the same time the bodhisattvas born in the Pure Land tender their ultimate

 wishes to you; the ultimate shelter of life is nothing but the nembutsu, so I

do hope you will become a person of nembutsu. 

   Especially the Tathagata of Light that Surpasses the Sun and Moon thinks

of each of you as his only child with great compassion.

   Dear Tathagata, you keep thinking of me

on and on and on and on: 

this is the Nembutsu.

                            (Muso Kimuras Nembutsu Poems)

Itll be Obon soon.  Lets make much of thinking.