Dharma Card for July

        A matter of course;
        Why don’t they feel thankful
        to these wonders---
        to what they take for granted?

        You have a dad and a mom
        You have two hands and two legs
        You can go anywhere you like on foot
        You can reach for anything with your arms
        You can hear and speak

        Aren’t you fortunate to have these matters?
        But nobody seems to be awakened to the happiness;
        “It’s a matter of course,” they laugh away.

    You can take food
        You can sleep well at night
        to awake next morning
        You can breathe in to the full
        You can laugh, weep, and cry
        You can run around
        Those are taken as matters of course
        Nobody seems to be thankful to these matters---
          to these wonders
        Except for those who have lost them;
        They alone know how invaluable those matters are.
        Why so?

    Because “It’s a matter of course.”
                      ---Composed by a doctor who lost his leg and
          passed away young from bone cancer.
                      ---Adapted from To Asuka and My Baby I Haven’t
                         Seen Yet (Published by Shodensha Co.)