Dharma Card for March


   Man is so made

          that he cannot live

          without passing

          in front of the other.

                                   ---Shusaku Endo


The other day when I took the shortcut to save time, my car

was stopped a number of other cars behind the railroad crossing.

Unable to return, I waited until a local train passed, and then stepped

off the brake, but the crossing gate would not open.  About a minute

later another train came from the opposite direction.  “Such a thing will

happen in this world!”  So saying, I tried to step on the accelerator

this time, but the red sign on the gate post kept warning the approach

of another train from the original direction for a certain time.  How much

longer did I have to wait?  Finally a super express sped past and the gate

was opened. 

It was just when I crossed the rail that I awakened to the hidden phase

of this situation:

         I have boarded so many trains in my life, but have I ever thought of the

people waiting at the crossing?  Haven’t I thought, “The super express

ought to dash along as a matter of course, and haven’t I paid for the extra

express seat”?

         Likewise, while I marched passionately along my way of life, how many

people had to wait for me to pass and how many gave way to me?  I have

no idea at all.

   I could not help feeling ashamed of myself.